Construction/Project Management Services
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I offer construction and project management services in the Nosara area.  I will manage and oversee
anything from the building of a small wall to the design, planning, bidding, and construction of a house or
larger project.  Many absentee Owners and Owners that cannot speak Spanish find it difficult to get good
quality work done here in Costa Rica.  It is a long, difficult process to find a reputable Builder if you do it
on your own.  There are horror stories of what has happened to unsuspecting Owners who advance money
to unreputable Builders.  Also, the method of building can be much different from that of the States.  The
options for materials and the availability of finishes is much less here in Costa Rica.  The availability and
quality of products has increased in the last few years, but so have the prices.  The price for construction
in the Nosara area ranges from about $75.00 per square foot to over $100.00 per square foot.  And this
price may not include your Architectural fees and permit and insurance fees.  Architectural fees are
another 10.5 % of the price of the construction and permit, insurance and other fees could be another 3%
of the price of the total project.  My latest house is being built for about $90.00 per square foot.  At this
price you would get high-quality finishes, aluminum or PVC window frames, good ceramic tile, wood
ceilings, solid wood doors, wood cabinets, quality plumbing and fixtures, air-conditioning units, rain gutters,
metal roof, and maybe some landscaping.  You can find a Builder to build for less, but you may be
disappointed in the final product.  It is important to work with a good Architect that will be available when
needed.  The ensure a smooth building process, you need detailed Architectural plans and a good clear
construction contract prepared by a Costa Rican Attorney.  This will prevent misunderstandings and
disputes in the process.  All materials and finishes should be spelled out clearly when getting bids and
signing a contract.  I have worked with several Architects and Builders in this area.  I have spent very
much time getting to know the work of potential Architects and Builders to offer my Clients better options.
 Luckily, we have some very good Architects that are based here in Nosara.   Different Clients may prefer
different Architects for their style and personality. Once your plans are complete, I can help with the
bidding process to get you the best possible price for your project.  It may be possible to make some slight
changes in the plans to reduce the price and keep you within your budget.  Once I have some bids, it is
best to have the Client visit the finished projects of the different Builders to see their work.  Once a
builder is chosen, I will work with an Attorney to have a detailed construction contract prepared.  The
typical payment schedule is a payment to the Builder after the contract is signed of about 25% of the total
price of the contract.  The remaining amount will be paid in increments as the construction proceeds.  The
next payment will be paid when the header beam is done.  The next payment will be when the roof is done.  
The next when the ceramic tile is laid on all floors.  The next when  the house is finished and accepted by
the Client.  It is best to withhold at least 5-10% for the last payment.  I will work with the Architect,
Builder, Client, and all others associated with the project to keep the Client well informed, protect his
interests, get him a good value, and deliver the final product that they expect.  The price for my services
ranges from about 5-10% of the total cost of the construction contract or I will set a monthly fee.  With a
monthly fee, you can discontinue my services at any time if you do not feel that I am earning my money.  
The price for my services depends on the amount of services that I will provide and the amount of time
that the Client wants me to spend at their project.  I will be involved in some projects from the very
beginning and other projects after the Client already has an Architect and Builder ready to go. Contact me
to discuss your project and get a better idea of my services and fees.  Below are some photos of my past
and current projects.  I would be glad to provide names and contacts of my Clients for a referral.
My last two projects as of January 1, 2010
Villas Santosa Project
Playa Guiones
Four homes with common pool
First home and pool completed
Aug. 1, 2009
Contact me for sales info, floorplans, etc
Private home with pool on hill over Playa Guiones
Three bedroom/3 bathroom with pool.
Completion date June 15, 2009
Private home in L-section of Playa Guiones

Completed in 2007
Private home in G-section of Playa Guiones

Completed in March 2009

Available for rent!!  Contact me for info!!
Casa Raz in J-section of Playa Guiones

Completed in June 2005

Available for rent!!  Contact me for info!!
Some of my past projects below
(more to posted soon)
Asking price $325,000!
Brand new!  Ready to move-in!!